Matchstick Technologies Presents PIXUL®

A multi-omics solution for every lab

PIXUL® Multi-Sample Sonicator Highlights:

  • Process 1-96 samples in parallel to avoid sample shearing bottlenecks in NGS applications
  • Up to 12 unique sonication conditions can be run on a single 96-well plate, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple sample types and rapid optimization of conditions for difficult samples
  • Compatible with chromatin, DNA, RNA, and protein from purified samples, cells, or tissues
  • Inexpensive consumables keep sample processing costs low
  • A short 15-minute coupling fluid circulation avoids lengthy water degassing processes

Matchstick’s premier product, PIXUL®, is an instrument that processes 1 to 96 wells of a standard microplate consistently and quickly. PIXUL® was designed completely from the ground up to provide the end user with an easy to use tool that is simple and quick to set up, easy to use, and generates consistent results day in and day out. No other sample preparation platform can match the power and convenience of PIXUL®.

PIXUL® is an ultrasound-based sample preparation platform that fragments DNA and chromatin into tight but random distributions.  Ultrasound is propagated into the well where microbubbles are formed. The intense collapse of these microbubbles lead to high shear stresses that fragment the samples into desired size ranges (see how in our blog “Physics of Fragmentation”).

PIXUL® was conceived by an epigenetics researcher looking for a more robust and consistent way to prepare samples. It was designed and built by ultrasound engineers to take the guesswork out of sample preparation.

With PIXUL®, sample preparation is no longer an “art form”, but instead a simple tool that is high-throughput and repeatable day in and day out.

Introducing PIXUL®
The many uses of PIXUL®