Matchstick Technologies Presents PIXUL™

Matchstick’s premier product, PIXUL™ (stands for PIXelated ULtrasound), is a tool that processes each and every well of a 96-well microplate consistently and quickly. PIXUL™ was designed completely from the ground up to provide the end user with an easy to use tool that is simple to set up, simple to use, and generates consistent results day in and day out. No other sample preparation platform out there can match the power and convenience of PIXUL™.

PIXUL™ is an ultrasound-based sample preparation platform that fragments DNA and chromatin into tight but random distributions. Ultrasound is propagated into the well where microbubbles are formed. The intense collapse of these microbubbles lead to high shear stresses that fragment the samples into desired size ranges.

PIXUL™ was conceived by an epigenetics researcher, and designed and built by ultrasound engineers to take the guesswork out of sample preparation. With PIXUL™, sample preparation is no longer an “art form”, but instead a simple device that gives repeatable results day in and day out.

We are very excited to have Active Motif as the officially-licensed provider of PIXUL™. Active Motif is a company for researchers. They focus on scientific discovery, and they bend over backwards to help their customers. They immediately saw the potential of PIXUL™ to help their customers with sample preparation issues, and they also understand how powerful PIXUL™ can be. With the power of 96 well processing, scientific questions that before could not be conceived, can now be asked and answered with PIXUL.™ Visit them here for more information: